The Holotop Meditation

Transformative Shifting Exercises

Holotop Transformative Shifting Exercises 
PART 1: use circles and square spiral diagram*  (19 circles and 13 points in spiral=32=5="5" is # of change) 
 1. In morning, while meditating on the image of the spiral in the circles, say 4 times in succession: 
 I Desire to Define my Dedication to Detachment.  
 Go down and up the spiral 4 times. 



 2. See spiral in the diagram as a 3 d image. When you do, it is a perfect time to do the following exercise because you are practicing going from a perception of 2 dimensions to perceiving 3 dimensions. This will teach you how to be able to perceive higher dimensions such 4D and 5D.** Follow the spiral down to the center four times: once for each item in the affirmation. 
 3. DESIRE Be open in a state of desire to explore more of who you are. Starting at the top, follow the spiral down to the center while holding a state of desire and openness within you. 
 4. Stop at center. Remain there for a moment. You will feel something, get something, get an idea, get info, a picture, or not. If you don't get something recognizably different, then you will eventually feel that it is time to go back up the spiral.  
 5. Whatever it is that you got while you were in the center, add that to the second trip down the spiral: 
 6. DEFINITION Now focusing on the concept of your DEFINITION, looking for insight into your beliefs, into your definition, into your blueprint. Follow the line down again into the center, again hang there long enough, so that you feel that even if you got a slight flicker of information, then take that back up with you. If you get nothing stay there until you feel you've stayed there long enough, and then go back up. 
 7. DEDICATION  If you got something, then add that to the concept of DEDICATION and dedicate yourself to go back down the spiral to be given more information, to clarify the vision, to make it more precise, make it easier to understand, to get another tidbit, hear a sound, smell a smell, feel a touch. Go down the spiral down with the concept of dedication. 
 8. DETACHMENT  Whatever you got, take it with you down the spiral the fourth time, now with the intention to DETACH from that which does not serve. 


PART 2: Now use the circles diagram: 
 Read final affirmation (once out loud): 
 From the inner being, through sight, sound, touch and feeling are manifested the path, windows and doors to the unknown, which always lead back to the inner being. 
 (this amplifies, colors, spices what you did in previous exercise in a way that is tailored specifically for you in your imagination, your method of absorbing information.) 
 Buy a small journal. All day, for the next 24 hours: 
 1. Write down any synchronicities 2. Note your dreams 

In 30-90 days you will see an expanded increase in synchronicity, and more information, and awareness and inspiration coming to you about your core beliefs. And you will discover ways and techniques that will allow you the best possible way and the most powerful way to transform them and to transform your reality into that which is more aligned with what you prefer it to be. This is an exceptionally powerful tool. Do it ONCE a day, not twice.  
 Have fun, let it be powerful. Really sit with it, really mean it, really WANT to change. 

 Take this technique to heart, and remember that as you do this, every day: 
    1. Feel yourself expanding 
    2. See synchronicity increasing 
    3. Notice your dreams magnifying, amplifying, and inspiring you 
    4. Act on your highest joy 
    5. Keep your body clear 
    6. Collect "proof" that you need of the changes inside 

 • Numerology of the 1st diagram: 19 circles and 13 points. 19 is the completion of the old cycle, and a joyous celebration of a new, more advanced cycle. It is the Sun card in the Tarot, and a magical combination of the 1 and the 9: the beginning and the end of material manifestation. The two numbers add to create the 10, which is the next cycle: the zero or circle represents the quantum implicate and the 1 represents the descent into matter, or individuation. Thirteen is the number of the divine feminine and the number of Christ plus his 12 disciples. It represents balanced change. (the number 3:  creativity/change • 1 is the beginning • 1+3 = 4:  the number of Earth/stability.) • The 2nd diagram: 9 circles with various symbols. The center symbol is the ancient symbol for the sun. It is also the mystical representation of the number one, which starts “inside the womb of creation” (the zero, or circle) meaning that it is the beginning of material manifestation. The dot is the “1” inside the circle of infinity; the circle represents the divine nothingness that exists beyond time and space. To complete the circuit of the affirmation, one starts at the center with the “1” or sun sign, and goes through all the numbers in succession. Once you reach the 9, add the 9 with the 1 to get 10, which reduces to 1 again (10+0=1). This repeats the cycle, ending up once again at the center, which is the 1, or the beginning of matter/manifestation. • The journey from 3D to 4D: notice how each word in the affirmation starts with “D”-- together they form “4D”—4D is the bridge to manifesting – in other words, an inspiration from upper 4D has to pass through the lower 4D dimension of emotions to manifest on the physical plane. Emotions are our wealth as humans; we can learn to consciously use our emotions to form the reality we want.